The Bible is man-made; why believe it?


A corruptible human being comes to you holding a book of ancient stories. He claims these stories are history — actual events that happened, recorded by other corruptible human beings long before you were born. The language of this book is a translation by corruptible human beings from the original language in which it was written. The original copy of this book was buried in the ground and was discovered by corruptible humans beings.

The book says that it is a divine instruction from an all-powerful creator and owner of everything including nothing and it is meant to be the one and only constitution for all mankind. This all-powerful creator loves you and wants you to know him but the only way to  know him is to read this book.

If a person has disability and cannot read this book, he must rely on corruptible human being to know its  contents.

If a person is dumb, can read but cannot understand what he reads from this book, he must rely on corruptible human beings for understanding.

Questions for you:

(a) What shows that this book is from an all-powerful creator?
Answer: Read the book.

(b) I don’t understand what I read from this book.
Answer: Ask the person who introduced this book to you.

(c) How do I know this person is telling the truth?
Answer: Read the book

(d) So how useful is the book if I want to find the truth?


Read the scenario above again and replace “book” with “Bible“.  That is exactly what the Bible is.

My Questions

Despite all his power, all his knowledge,

Why does this creator communicate through medium (written texts) that can easily be destroyed? It is not certain if the Bible is complete. It is said some parts of the Bible are lost. See The Lost Books of The Bible and the Forgotten Books of the Eden

Why does this creator communicate in a way that at least one person may not understand? There are so many interpretations of the Bible that has led to formation of many religions and divisions among people who believe in the Bible.

Could this creator not communicate in a way that everyone can understand regardless of any form of limitation? Does he not have any other way?

Well, well…

The Bible fits the imaginary works of humans and human limitation than the perfect work of a creator who has unlimited power. It is too limited a tool to be useful to God or man. It is more like a mythology that was not meant to be taken serious but of which some humans have taken advantage in order to achieve their own goals.

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