Adam and Eve, did they really disobey God?


Your six (6) months old baby is crying and disturbing your sleep at night. You tell the baby to stop crying but it doesn’t stop. Is the baby disobeying you? Is the baby disrespecting you?

According to Genesis, Adam and Eve were created as perfect human beings by God. God put Adam and Eve in charge of Paradise, a place of eternal comfort. Obviously Adam and Eve had never experienced any form of discomfort.

They were the only two human beings in the Garden of Eden. No one had disobeyed them before which presents that they didn’t know what it meant to be disobeyed.  No one had disrespected them; they didn’t know how it felt to be disrespected. No one had challenged them before; they didn’t know how it felt to be challenged.

They probably didn’t have a word for disobedience, disrespect or any thing bad because nothing bad had existed. In the same way, they probably didn’t have a world for respect, obedience or anything good because, one cannot measure the amount of “good” without knowing the amount of “bad”.

The Bible itself reveals they didn’t have any knowledge or concept of good and bad prior to eating the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3: 5, Genesis 3 : 22). This means they could  see nothing good or bad about following God’s commands. There was no motivation for following or not following God’s command. How do you justify that Adam and Eve even understood what God said, “Do not eat this fruit.”?

Everything is either good or bad.
If something is neither good nor bad, has no characteristics of good or bad, it does not exist.
And if Adam and Eve did not have knowledge of good and bad, they knew nothing at all.

Adam and Eve had  a lot in common with animals:

(a) They had no clothes on and they had no need for cloths.
(b) They had no shame about their nakedness.
(c) Incest was normal to them.
(d) They had no concept of good and bad.

Their level of ignorance about obedience was like that of a baby. How is what Adam and Eve did considered disobedience? Well, by God’s decree that’s disobedience. God may as well say, “Breathing in is okay but breathing out is sin” and yeah that is sin because He says so. My own understanding of disobedience is not doing what you have been told to do, which includes that you fully understand what you have been told and you know the good and the bad in doing or not doing it and you have not been forced to do or not do it.

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