God’s punishment — solution or revenge?


Does God want to make solution or just want to take revenge on humans for disobeying him?

Assuming you are a farmer and your new crop farm is really large. Over several years, you take care of the crops efficiently. You have done all you think you know and all you think you can, still the crops are not bearing any fruits. Would you cut down the crops?

How about if you discover something different that is proven to be able to make every crop bear good fruits no matter the condition of the crop, would you still cut down the crops?

So if God discovers something that will be able to make all humans do good, obey him and avoid sin completely no matter how evil people have become, would He still punish or destroy humans? I thought whatever God does is the ultimate, the best ever there was and will ever be. If God punishes or destroys humans, does it mean punishment is His best solution or is He demonstrating frustration and limitation of power?

We human beings have limitations so destroying things including our fellow humans seems to be our solution to preventing undesirable causes and effects. What about God who has unlimited power, does He require punishment to make humans right?

In Genesis chapters 1-5, Adam and Eve disobeyed God so God punished them by kicking them out of Paradise, a place of everlasting comfort and leaving them in the harshness of the land he had cursed. Did that punishment bring mankind closer to God? Did that punishment stop disobedience to God? Was that punishment a solution?

Again, in Genesis chapters 6-9, humans on the entire earth sinned against God so God killed all humans leaving only 8 people (Noah and his family). Did killing people stop humans from sinning? Was drowning people a solution?

Again, in Genesis 19, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and all people in it with fire  sparing only Lot and his family because the people committed murder and sexual sin. Did burning all those people alive stop humans  from from committing sexual sin and murder? Was burning people alive a solution?

And now some Bible believers believe God has prepared hellfire, a place of eternal torment and suffering for those that will die without obeying Him.

It looks like, the Bible terrorizes humans with everything that humans fear.

If God destroys or punishes humans for disobeying Him, then it very well makes sense to say that God has done all he can to help humans  but humans are damaged beyond repair so the last resort is to destroy humans. If God has done all he can but has not succeeded at making humans the way he wants humans to be, then God is limited in power. But if God has not done all He can to help humans obey him and that He knows what to do to help humans but has decided not to do it, instead has chosen to inflict suffering and destruction upon poor mankind, then in what way is God’s punishment justifiable?

Again, I ask, God’s punishment, is it solution or revenge? Is “freewill” your answer?

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