Whose fault: God’s or man’s?


If man disobeys the God who created him, is that the fault of the man or that of God?

A  man claimed he knows all there is to know about cars and robots and that he can create any type of car and any type of robot with ease.

To prove his prowess, he invented one car and one robot, the type that no one else had ever made before. It was time to test his inventions in front of a huge audience at a special gathering prepared just for him. The expectation was massive, everyone was attentive and looked on with intense curiosity. He started the car but anytime he wanted the car to move forward, the car moved backwards, contrary to his purpose. This car did opposite to everything he himself expected. Was that the fault of the car or the inventor?

Also he tested the robot and the robot was almost perfect. The robot could think, have feelings, speak intelligent and do everything just like humans. However, before the event ended, the robot jumped into the audience, killing people and tearing their flesh apart.

The inventor commanded the robot to stop misbehaving but the robot did not listen and kept on killing people. No matter what the inventor did, the robot continued to kill people. Finally, the inventor had no option but to destroy the robot. He pushed a button and the robot exploded into power completely destroyed.

Was that the fault of the robot or that of the inventor? The inventor was asked, “You claim you know everything about robots. Did you know the robot would kill people?” The inventor replied confidently, “Yes I knew.” “Did you know because you didn’t programme the robot well or did you know because you programmed the robot to do exactly what it did?” The inventor did not respond.

Would you sue this inventor if someone dear to you was killed by the robot?

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