Intelligent Design — Part 1


Some people try to use the “intelligent design” argument in attempt to prove that God exists and He created all things.
Well, God is invisible so many people fail to realize how more amazing and mind-blowing He would be in both design and complexity than anything humans have ever seen.

So some people go like this:
“Everything that has  design has an intelligent designer.”

“Look at your phone, look at your watch, look at everything else that man has made, how intelligent they have been designed. If I tell you that your phone, your watch and everything that man has made came out of no where and no one designed them, would you accept that? You would say I am crazy right?

Now listen, the land on which we walk and cultivate, we human beings and animals, the trees and the waters, the air we breath, the sky and the sun, all are beautifully designed. They work together perfectly to create a suitable environment for life. Oh let’s not forget the entire universe, the billions of stars and the billions of galaxies, all these are perfectly designed. My question is, who is the designer of all these? If I tell you that all these beautiful things came out of no where and that no one designed them, would you accept it? Of course not. Everything that has design has a designer. So God is the designer of the universe and everything in it. So much for your mind huh?”

These same people who go by this intelligent design argument also say that:
(a) Nothing cannot create something,
(b) God is everything,
(c) God was created by nothing.
so from from (a) to (c) all they are saying is “Nothing can create everything”. If you still don’t get the logic, read from (a) to (c) again and replace the word “God” with the word “Everything”.

They believe that everything that has design was created by a designer. Then they forget that God Himself is even more amazing than anything in both design and complexity. So who is God’s designer?

If God could be there without a creator, then how is it impossible for anything else to be there without a creator?

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