The irony of intelligent design


This post follows my previous posts: Intelligent Design — Part 1 and Intelligent Design — Part 2.  You may want to read them first.

In the previous posts, some people try to use the intelligent design argument in attempt to prove God’s existence. They claim everything that has design was designed by an intelligent designer and that since the universe and everything in it has design, God designed it.

In this post, the question is, how about the undesirable designs that interfere with the beautiful and purpose of other designs? Did God create those ones as well?

There goes the irony:

(1) God wanted humans to be safe so He placed humans in a garden, designed the garden’s gate to be open to human’s enemies and left them alone.

(2) God didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit so he designed a very attractive short tree full of forbidden fruits that looked and smelled so good.

(3) God didn’t want humans to have incest so He designed only two people so that people could have plenty of incest and a bunch of inbreds.

(4) God wanted women to give birth safely so He designed an umbilical cord which sometimes wraps around the fetal neck 360 degrees and lead to complications at birth with prevalence rate of 6% to 37%.

(5) God wanted only cool things in Garden of Eden so He designed fierce animals like snakes, lions, tigers and others that are built for the kill, eat nothing but flesh.

(6) God didn’t want to destroy the earth so He designed meteors and asteroids that can fall upon the earth and wipe everything; He designed violent earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, cyclones and hurricanes that can destroy entire nations.

(7) God loved humans so much that he designed immune system for humans and then He designed HIV virus that destroy the immune system.

(8) God wanted humans to eat and live so He designed the passage for swallowing food so that people especially babies risk choking anytime they eat.

(9) God wanted the truth of the Bible to be kept intact so He designed the human brain so that the only way some people know about the Bible, the Bible’s message and the meaning of the message is through other corruptible human beings.

(10) God wanted His books to last forever so He wrote them on perishable materials.

(11) God wanted people to know him so he banished people from his presence, hid Himself somewhere, designed His whereabouts to be debatable and asked people to seek him out.

(12) God wanted to have peace of mind so He designed everything that disturbs Him.

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