Logic about God’s existence that makes atheists think twice

Behold, the first atheists nightmare! This is the argument from brilliant, highly influential, modern day and ancient philosophers and scientists in their bid to prove God’s existence. Aristotle, the prolific ancient Greek philosopher and scientist believed in the existence of a supernatural being and argued “that there must be an immortal, unchanging being, ultimately responsible for all wholeness and orderliness in the sensible world” (Wikipedia).

Aristotle’s argument had roots in cosmological speculations but faced challenge with the concept of “first cause” which is a principal premise in modern day cosmological argument, the logical argument I am going to talk about.

The cosmological argument is also known as the “argument from first cause” which is usually used by theists in attempt to prove God’s existence.

We usually ask the question, “Who created the universe?” and theists comfortably answer simply. “God created the universe”. Then we ask again, “who created God?”. Assuming that theists name God’s creator, we would ask again, “Who created God’s creator? and so on and so on.

The cosmological argument says that we can ask this kind of questions moving from creator to creator and if we don’t stop going, we will meet the final creator who created everything but who was not created because,

(a) anything that exists couldn’t have just come from nowhere,

(b) because logically, something cannot come from nothing,

(c) and since something cannot come from nothing, it has to come from something,
something that has always been there, something that has no beginning and certainly no end, something that is beyond existence, something that is beyond time and space, something that has always been the first cause.

Logically this makes sense.

And that is what theists have been telling you all the damn time — the Alpha and Omega, He who is the beginning and the end, the immortal supernatural being called God, without whom nothing was made.

Some atheists have however countered this argument by saying that they accept that there has always been a first cause from which everything came into existence but that first cause is not a personal God as described in the Bible or by theists. The atheists think, the degree of imperfection and limitation of the Bible’s God or the theistic God does not contest the knowledge, the power and the capabilities of an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-everything God at all.

The atheist think that “energy” will best contest the position of  the first cause. Collectively, atheists prefer to call the first cause, “Nature”.

Energy as we know from Science:
(a) is neither created nor destroyed,

(b) which means it has always been there, it has no beginning or end,

(c) is present everywhere

Are you an atheist or theist and what do you say?

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