Argument from atheists against God


Many people read the Bible, other religious teachings and/or examine significant events with the intention of knowing and serving God better. They end up strong atheists.

Here are some of the reasons why atheists think there is not enough evidence to believe God exists.

(a) Argument from design
The argument from design claims that if something is designed, then it must have an intelligent designer and since the universe is intelligently designed and no human being has capacity to design it, it was designed by a supernatural being — God. Atheists argue that, then there must be someone who designed God because God is more amazing in both design and complexity than any other thing. The argument from design can’t tell who designed God so atheists are not convinced there is such a God who design others but was not designed. Similar unanswered question is “What is the source if God if everything has a source?”

(b) Omnipotence Paradox:
One major attribute of God is that God is omnipotent. That is God is all-powerful which means God can do all things without limitations and that there is nothing that God cannot do.
And atheists ask  “so can God create a rock so heavy that He Himself cannot lift it?

(a) If God is able to create a rock that He cannot lift it, then He is not all powerful.

(b) And If He cannot create a rock that He cannot lift it, then He is not all powerful.

So atheists are not convinced that there is such a being as God that is all powerful.

A better God argument:
Since God can do all things, He can create create another God that is far better than himself, in power and in everything.

(a) If the new God is more powerful, then the current God is not the most powerful there can be.

(b) If the current God cannot create a more powerful God, then He is not powerful enough.

Mathematics scenario:
In Mathematics, no one knows the largest number. The reason is that, if you manage to find the largest number, someone will add +1 and what you found earlier will no more be the largest number.

(3) God’s Benevolence
Another major attribute of God is that God is benevolent which means God is all-good, all-merciful.
Atheists do not accept that there is such a supernatural being as God that is all-good but has allowed people to suffer in this world and He is not ending there, He is going to burn some people in the hottest fire ever. You mean a good God is doing this then what will an all-evil God do? The hell fire thing seems to be the most evil thing anyone can do.

(4) The argument of “no reason”
What would you possibly need if you already have everything?

(a) God has everything

(b) so God needs nothing

so atheists ask “What reason does God have to do anything at all?”
Why create the universe if you don’t need it? Why create human beings if you don’t need them? Why should people worship you? etc
Atheists can see that God is struggling so hard to get humans to do something for him. A God that needs something is not the kind of God atheists expect to see.

(5) Different religious beliefs
There are so many religions. There are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc and within each of these religions, there are still so many groups with differing understanding and beliefs about who God is and what God wants. Even among individuals in each smaller group, there are differing beliefs about God.

So atheists say that if there were no God, they would expect this exact religious differences. And if there were God, they would expect one unified religion where every individual knows and says the same thing about God.

Unfortunately, atheists are disappointed. If something can convince atheist that God exists, it is yet to come. Currently, they don’t think there is enough evidence to believe God exists. Just chill.


Reference: Wikipedia

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