Is God beyond logic and comprehension?


It is important to note that if God exists and He created our universe and natural order, then He existed before our very own existence. This follows that the natural law or the natural order of our universe did not explain God at the time the universe and natural order was not created. Whatever law explained God before our universe existed, we do not know and we do not understand. It makes sense to admit that we cannot explain or understand God by the natural law or the natural order we do not know.

Also, God lived outside or beyond our universe before He created it and we find time, space and our own existence to be inside our universe. Logically, God is beyond time, space and our existence, hence the attributes of God — “God is timeless”, “God is spaceless”, “God is beyond existence.”

The Mathematics, the logic, the Science and the rest may not be able to define or explain God, He that lived before these disciplines were created (assuming God created the universe and everything in it).

Now it makes sense that God is beyond logic, Mathematics, Science, natural law and the natural order of our world. God is indeed incomprehensible.  No one knows Him.

However, you are telling me that you know God, you know what He did, you know what He can do, you know what He will do, you know what He wants and what He doesn’t like. Really? Are you the same person that said God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient etc, even called God by name? Do you know Him by the same law that He is beyond? Why not just say “God is unknown”?

The same law or the same natural order that is telling you that God is beyond logic and comprehension is telling me that God is out of the game. The rules of the game apply to only the game players and since the rules do not apply to God, He does not play. If He plays, then He is not above the rules.

We are not trying to define, explain or understand a God that is beyond our natural law and natural order. We are only trying to reason about the God that has been described in a book.

Natural order is the foundation for our knowledge  and our knowledge is the foundation for our imagination. We’re unable to perceive or imagine anything without contacting our knowledge. God is a product of our imagination which is not without our knowledge which is not without natural order.

God is merely an idea or a concept that represents the limitation of human imagination. God was created by human beings.

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