What if Satan is the true God?


So far we have only heard God’s side of the story which is but claims that paint Satan as evil and God good. The Bible implies in many verses that all good things are from God (James 1:17) and all bad things from Satan. If you kill somebody and steal this money, that is evil and from Satan but if you use that stolen money for charity, that is good and from God.

I am sorry but I don’t follow. Without knowing Satan’s side of the story, one cannot judge fairly; we are not Gods that know it all — the truth of whatever happened between God and Satan. Assuming Satan claims He is the one that created the universe and that God is rather the Devil and that God is responsible for all human suffering, how would you know Satan or God is the one telling the truth?

Would prayers or obedience be the solution? Would miracles be the solution? Would the observation of intelligent design be the solution? Would dreams and visions be the solution? Would the words in the Bible be the solution?

Satan could be requiring people to Worship and pray to Him; Satan could be performing miracles such as healing the sick; Satan could be giving out words claiming He is the true God; and people would be having dreams and visions about the nature of Satan. All that would be convincing stories just like that of God. But how would we as humans identify the true God?

This does not only question our current faith but also shows how much limited and ignorant we are about the truth about God. We do not have enough information about either Satan or God to be able to fully assess both and know who is right. And since we are judging both God and Satan, we cannot take only God’s word, the Bible for the truth. We would have to be at least equal in power to both God and Satan to know who is right. This would also contest that we humans are just some poor helpless pathetic beings and we have no business with God and Satan affairs. We are who our creator (if any) says we are — nothing more, nothing less.

Enough of the blah, blah, blah,
I would expect a false God who claims He has no limitation in anything at all; who claims He created me and that I am part of His perfect plan to:

(a) try and convince me that He needs more time to solve my problems while I face great tribulation,
(b) blame me or others for all my troubles but take credit for all good things,
(c) require me to have faith instead of questioning Him despite showing strong flaws and strong contradiction to His own acclaimed powers,
(d) be jealous of other Gods and be willing to destroy me if I try to test the power of other Gods,
(e) not be present to clarify things even when I am willing to do His will but I don’t know how and ignorantly believe false about him,
(f) ) make the truth about Him difficult to verify,
(g rely on the abilities of corruptible humans to spread His message,
(h) have so many people doubt His existence,
(i) threaten to torment me forever in lake of fire if I do not obey Him and He runs out of patience,
(j) offer me eternal happiness if I love and obey Him — which is kind of bribe.

Unfortunately all the above from (a) to (j) fit the God who many people think is the true God. This God leaves room for other Gods to contest His position. Satan is known only through the Bible or the source of the Bible, yet is just as popular as God and despite He has been depicted as the ultimate evil, He has great influence on people. According to Bible, the greater number of people are doing the will of Satan, more like people were created in the image of Satan rather than of God. We have seen in the history of mankind where bad people overthrew good people, then posed as the good people but then, the actual good people returned and took back their rightful position. Could that be the case for Satan? What if Satan is the true God? In your arguments, do not ignore the possibilities.

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