Humans’ free will, God’s nightmare


Free will is God’s nightmare and an excuse for some religious people (theists) to justify that it is okay for God to punish people even in the most wicked way possible.

Some theists argue that, unlike animals, as a human being,
(a) You are in control o all your actions
(b) because you have free will
(c) and that you are responsible for all your actions
and that depending on how you use your free will, your creator is right to punish you, even cause you to suffer the worst form of suffering the rest of eternity.

In this post, I will address the following:
(a) Does God even care about your free will?
(b) Do humans have free will at all?
(c) Humans’ free, God’s nightmare


(A) Does God even care about your free will?

God doesn’t care about your free will; what you know, what you do and what you believe in does not affect God’s decision especially when it comes to punishment.

Adam & Eve
Let’s assume that God created everything and that everyone is as a result of His creation. Then In the Garden of Eden, you and I did not exist, we were not conceived in our mothers’ womb, we were not borne and we had not exercised our free will in anyway yet when Adam and Eve supposedly disobeyed God,  God included all of us in the punishment He gave Adam and Eve and He didn’t give a fuck about it. (Genesis chapters 3-4)

The days of Noah:
During Noah’s time, God killed all human beings on earth by drowning them leaving only 8 people — Noah and his family. He killed all of them including the babies who has never exercised their free will and He didn’t give a fuck about that. (Genesis chapters 6-7)

Sodom & Gomorrah
During the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, God killed all the people in Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them alive leaving only 3 people — Lot, and his two daughters. He killed all of them including babies who had never exercised their free will and He didn’t give a fuck about that.(Genesis 19)

The days of King Saul
In the days of King Saul, God commanded King Saul to kill all people of Amalekite nation, and He commanded clearly as follows: 1 Samuel 15:3 “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” He killed all the babies who had never exercised free will and He didn’t give a fuck about that.

Animals suffer the same fate as humans but they do  not have free will.

Now you tell me your free will matters. God does whatever He pleases and freewill is just a way to shift the blame on His victims.

(B) Do humans have free will?

(As defined by me)
Free will is the power you have to do or not to do something free from all influences. It includes that before you start something, you have the power to stop anything from influencing you or allow something to influence you and that you are in absolute control of yourself. Because you are in absolute control of yourself, you are being held responsible for anything you do.

Now you can better tell if you have free will. Yes, you do not have fee will. You think you have free will because you are probably not conscious of the factors that influence your decision and actions or probably you have conveniently assumed nothing influences your decisions and actions.

(C) Humans’ Free will, God’s nightmare

God wanted people to have free will and at the same time, follow only His commands. But it appeared that free will would require people to be just like God, be able to do whatever they please with God being irrelevant to their main focus.

Could God handle that? No, God could not afford to be irrelevant to His creation; He started punishing all who would not have Him in main Focus. And He gives partial reward to those that would exercise free will with Him, God as the main focus.

Satan with His free will rose against God because He wanted to be able to fully exercise His free will — be like God. Then humans also followed suite, disobeyed God in attempt to exercise their free will. God’s creation went out of hand. The experience has never been fair to God;

Currently, God is continually executing punishment on people trying to knock everybody into refusing to exercise their free will and just do as He commands. Some people (theists) justify that human beings deserve every punishment from good because human beings have free will.   If you understand what theists mean, help a brother out because I don’t understand a thing.


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